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The Process

Clamping Edgeband Around Tabletop
Hand Planing
On the very finest Pieces, I use a finely tuned hand plane because it allows me to get much closer to my work. I experience great satisfaction working with this tool that I made.
Fine Dovetails
Fine Dovetails
Custom made a backslat
Library Installation in Pacific Palisades Two
Drawer Parts
Dressing Table
Dressing Table Prior to Shaping Legs
Dressing Table Stool Two
Dressing Table Stool
Library Bookcases
Library Installation in Pacific Palisades
Macasser Ebony Dining Tabletop
Macasser Ebony Veneered Panels
Carving Complete
Wood Finish
Palisades Library
Dovetail Machine
Drawers Clamped
Handmade Silver Door Bolt